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Nice 24 inch bass on a sunday with dad.
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Goose Recipe


4 large goose breasts
6 tablespoons of salt
3 containers of BBQ sauce (kraft works fine, and it's cheap)
1 container of favorite BBQ sauce (I like Famous Dave's "Rich and Sassy")
Hamburger Buns

Prepare it the night before the hunt, than it's ready for after the morning hunt.

Make sure you get all blood clots out, and rinse thoroughly. Cut goose into 1/4" strips across the grain. Take the goose strips and let them soak overnight with the 6 tablespoons of salt. After letting it soak, pour out all the water. Continue to add water and keep rinsing the stips. The more blood you get out, the less game taste will remain.

Add the strips to a crock pot, and cover with the 3 containers of BBQ sauce. Turn the crock pot to low. Give it 4-6 hours at low heat to cook through.

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 We grabbed something quick to eat and threw in a hunting video.  It had been a busy year for him and we had not spent anywhere near the amount of time we usually spent in a summer together.  We used the time before heading out to catch up and look over some of the photos for the past year.  I asked him if he had been shooting at all and he said some and asked why.  I told him there were a boatload of teal in the area.  He said no problem, I’m a natural.  I chuckled and said we will see now won’t we.  

5:45 am and Jade was up and on her way downstairs.  She wasn’t at all happy that we had been up for a while and watching videos without her.  I grabbed something for her to eat and drink and we headed out the door.  Everything had been loaded the night before so I wasn’t worried about anything and we jumped in and headed for the pond.  

I pulled into the field and stopped by the fence to get the gate and could hear birds flying.  It was a great morning with the wind out of the north/northeast just like I wanted it.  I pulled down to the pond and hurried to get the boat out of the back of the truck.  The whole time Jade was trying to spot what was flying so early.  I was sure they were teal but it was still pitch dark so I told them don’t worry about the birds we will be ready for them soon enough.  I dropped the boat into the water and told Justin to jump in.  I pulled the boat out into the corner and was setting decoys as he was taking the weights off them.  The wind setup for a perfect spread in the northeast corner of the pond.  We lined the East side of the pond with the majority of the goose floaters and had a few ducks near the corner on the East side.  Then we lined the North side of the pond with the majority of duck decoys to create a hole for the ducks to get gear down in.  Justin headed to the south side to stow the boat up against a high bank and I did some touch up work on the spread.  Justin pulled the truck down behind some trees and I started working on getting the bank spread setup and Jade helped get everything just right.  Jade and Justin grassed in both of the layouts and we were almost ready. 

A few instructions about safety and using the layouts and we were primed for a good morning.  I was going to lay behind the layout blind Jade was using and told Justin I would not be able to take any shots so it would be up to him.  He again said those two words, No Problem. I got Jade comfortable in her layout blind and told her to keep her call near her mouth and not to be moving around.  She had on a camo hat and a face mask so I wasn’t too worried about it.  The hole we setup the decoys in should put the ducks straight out in front of us and she should have a great view.

It seemed like hours but it was only 25 minutes that we had to wait until legal shooting time.  We had a few ducks land in the decoys before legal shooting time and I wasn’t even real sure what they were.  They flew out about 15 minutes before and I figured they would return.  I gave Jade the signal that legal time was here and she began calling on here Foiles double reed Legend with a wood barrel.   I told her to keep it in 3’s or 4’s unless I told her different.  I let loose on my Foiles single reed Straight Meat Mallard to let them know we were there.  We didn’t have to wait long.  A pair of young wood ducks was coming from the far west side of the pond.  I told Jade to hit 3 and she hit it perfect.  I told Justin to be ready when I called the shot.  Jade hit the legend two more times and both woodies were feet down when I called Take Em Just!  He pulled the ripcord on the layout, shouldered his gun, got a bead on the lead woody and pulled the trigger.  He looked dejected and said he forgot to load his gun.  Jade gave him a good chewing (more razzing then chewing) about not shooting the ducks she nearly dropped in his lap.  I just chuckled and told him it happens to the best of us.   Justin loaded up the old Mossberg 500 and this time was ready to rock and roll.  I had chosen 2 ¾ inch, 1 1/8 oz #4’s for the early ducks and had a box of 3 inch, 1 ¼ oz BB’s sitting by his side incase the geese came early.

Just about the time we were starting to relax Jade spotted something out front.  “Dad two ducks 11 o’clock low”.  I couldn’t see um and told her to hit them with a 2.  I rolled to my hip and could see them heading away to the left right before she hit them with the legend.  Man talk about a full back hard left turn.  They locked and committed at 60 yards and were feet down the whole way.  They were on the mark and Jade called the shot.  Justin pulled the ripcord, shouldered his gun and commenced to blasting away at two young gaddies.  I thought for sure he would connect on one of them but no joy on the gaddies.   Jade gave him another chewing and asked if they needed to switch if we were going to eat any ducks for dinner tonight.  He smiled and said yeah right.  I told him to not be in such a hurry with that first shot and to follow through the duck and not pause after each shot. Justin barley had the layout closed up when I spotted 4 ducks south over the hill and told everyone to get ready.  I hailed them with the SMM and they turned our way just about the time Jade spotted a group of 20 ducks off in the distance to the north.  I told her to get going on that legend and keep it to 3 and 4 at a time.  I watched the 4 ducks (ring necks) to the south and told her to keep any eye on the ones to the north.  The 4 were working the west side (creek entrance) of the pond and looked like they were going to gear down near the middle of the pond.  Jade said leave um dad the whole mess is coming around the trees.  She wasn’t kidding, no sooner then she got it out of her mouth then 30 to 35 teal were breaking hard left around the end of the trees and heading right for the hole.  I told Justin to pick out a bird and not flock shoot them.  Jade backed me up and said man you can’t miss this many.   They cut hard and came right down the north bank and were rocking and rolling the entire way.  I got so hung up watching them that by the time I was going to call the shot they would have been too far right for Justin.  He said where are they and I said let them swing around again. Jade picked them up north and said they were heading out.  I hit my best version of a come back call when out of the corner of my right eye I see the ring necks on final approach with the wind at their back.  I told Jade not to move and told Justin to be ready.  I told him when I call it they will be right above you at mere feet.  Let them get up a bit and take the lead bird.  Jade asked what are they dad and I said wait a second and you will see.  They looked a lot bigger coming in on the sun with wings out and feet down right over our heads.   I let them get about 10 feet out and 5 feet up from Justin and yelled take em.   He rose up out of the layout and pulled up on the lead bird and as soon as we heard the noise we saw the lead bird crumple and Jade and I yelled “Way to go Justin”.  Mere seconds after the first bird hit the water we hear another shot break loose and watch the second bird rock but not go down.  I yelled hit him again bud, and he didn’t disappoint me.  We all rejoiced for a while and I told him to run get in the boat and get that second bird.  I ran out and picked up the first one and brought it back to Jade. She had never seen a ring neck and was checking it out close.  It was very hard to see that early in the year but if you looked close you could see its ring around the bottom of its neck.  Justin made it to the downed bird and picked it with a loud yoooohoooo.  I told him to get moving we had a lot more work to do on a limit of ducks.

We all settled back in and had a cold drink and talked about what had just happened.  I was laughing saying I thought for sure those 4 had landed on the water.  Jade and Justin both gave me a hard time about my age and my eyes and we all had a good laugh.  I told him it was time to step up to the plate and I got into a position where I could do some shooting.  He asked what I was doing and I told him I was getting ready for a goose dinner.  I pulled out my Foiles Strait Meat Honker and warmed up a bit on it knowing it was getting time for the geese to come off the roost.  Justin couldn’t believe how well the short reed sounded.  After hearing me blow a flute for so many years he couldn’t believe I was blowing a short reed that well.  Jade said it was time to pay attention, ducks 9 o’clock a long ways out.  Sure enough there was another large group of ducks south over the hill.  I hailed them for all I was worth and they circled and landed in what I thought was a pasture that had no water in it.  I wasn’t sure why they landed and I knew the corn had not been cut across the field so I couldn’t explain it.  Justin made sure to comment that it must have been my hail call that drove the poor birds to the ground to get away from that awful sound.  Jade agreed and laughed with Justin for a few minutes until I spotted them coming around the east side of the lower pond.  I hailed again and this time they turned right for us.  There were 10 maybe 12 ducks in the group and I was sure they were Teal.  I told Jade and Justin we would let them swing over us and then bring them back to the hole.  They passed a good 80 yards north of us and with some mid range calling they turned and came back south toward the pond.  They came in to the pond about ¾ the way down the west side of it and I told Jade to hit them with a hard 3 and they dropped down to about 30 yards off the deck and started rocking and rolling toward the hole.  There were 4 of them on the deck when I told Justin to take them.  He came out of the layout as I was shouldering my gun.  I took the lead bird on the right side and wrecked it at just over 20 yards, pulled down on the second bird as it was trying to gain altitude and let loose on it.  Not only did that duck come down but the two behind it also came with it.  I was impressed to say the least that I had just knocked down 4 ducks with two shots until I heard Justin yell I got em both.  Oh well it was a short-lived glory.  It was Justin’s first and second blue wing teal.  Jade went and picked up all four ducks since they fell on the shore.  She was pretty happy that she got to retrieve the ducks.  Jade and Justin marveled over the colors on the Blue Wings and loved how it looked when they moved the wing around in the sunlight.

We got settled back in and were relaxing and talking about the days events when a suicide wood duck came screaming into the hole out of no where.  I told Justin to take em and he said take what.  He was just coming out of the layout when the woody was turning hard left right in the whole.  I was sure Justin would take care of him and after hearing three shots and watching him fly away all I could do is chuckle.  Jade razzed him and said something about being close enough for a baseball bat.  We all laughed and got settled back in.  

We had been sitting and talking for a good hour.  Justin was coming back from visiting the tree near the fence line and asked what are those things way out east of us.  I stood up slowly to stretch a bit and looked east and told him to get buttoned up and load up some 3’s.  Jade jumped up and said geese, I can hear them.  I got settled in and began blowing for all I was worth on the Strait Meat honker.  I feared they were too far out and would not hear me.  I blew hard for a good 4 minutes and it appeared like they were getting closer.  I kept blowing for all I was worth and sure enough they were on their way.  Man I love the amount of volume you can pull from a good short reed.  I told Jade to get settled and not move and told Justin to do the same.  They were less then a ½ mile out and man did they look huge.  There was a main group of 70 or more to the north a good ¾ of a mile away and a smaller group of 10 that looked like they were going to dance.  I kept on working the short reed and got more in to clucks and moans as they were getting closer.  They were making a lot of noise and I was sure they were going to go right over our heads and give us the perfect shot.  I stopped calling when they hit the fence and was just counting the time to call the shot and out of no where they flare hard and start flying south.  I got on the come back call and two of them turned to the west like they were going to give us another look.  No sooner had they turned then I heard a car door.  I looked up and sure enough here is someone coming fishing parked on the north side of the pond looking down toward us like what in the heck is that.  At all the times it could happen.  I told the guy he was going to have to fish the lower pond and park his truck over by mine and walk if he wanted to stay and he seemed ok with that.  

We called it a day about the time the fishermen was coming back up from the lower pond and had almost all the decoys picked up.  Sure enough with 3 decoys left and all of us standing right out in plain site the geese decide to swing back over.  Happens every time.  I just laughed and told Justin he would get his first goose of the season soon enough.

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