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Bowhunters score in big sky country.
Scott, Larry and Brent Pack bowhunting in Big Sky Country.  Full Story Here.



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 Canadian family enjoys pheasant hunting in Nebraska
Family from Manatoba enjoys pheasant hunting in Nebraska
Look for the story to come soon.


Do not forget



No more then 3 shells for waterfowl hunting and the entire state of Nebraska is Non-Toxic shot for waterfowl.


Nebraska residents who hunt migratory birds and who are 16 years old or older are required to have a Nebraska Hunting Permit and a Habitat Stamp. All nonresident hunters, regardless of age, are required to have a Nonresident Hunting Permit and Habitat Stamp. This also includes those possessing fee-exempt permits. Register online or call 1-888-403-2473. Online HIP Registration begins August 1st.

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Tips and Techniques from the forum.

How To Clean a Dove

You will need a bowl of very cold water and a sharp knife.  First you have to pull all the skin and feathers away from the breast of the bird.  Try not to break open the craw when doing this.  Try to leave as many feathers as you can attached to the skin so clean up is quick and easy.
Step One in cleaning a dove
Step two is to take a sharp knife and run it down each side of the breast bone.  You can see the breast bone in the above picture It is the white line running down the middle. 
Step two in cleaning a dove, butterfly the breast.

Some people refer to this as butterflying the breast.  Slice off the small halves of meat like you are skinning them off the bone.

End result
This is the end result.  Two small pieces of meat ready to be soaked in salt or marinated for the grill.


Welcome to the Hunting Down Cancer Benefit

Auction Item Dates When They Will Appear On Ebay now Posted!

Hunting Down Cancer is a fundraising event for the fight against cancer.  We will be auctioning off waterfowl hunts and other related items and all of the proceeds will be benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation (www.LiveSTRONG.org).

This is how it will work.  The donated items will run on www.Ebay.com starting on the first Sunday in October (1st).  For example "Joe Smith" wins the bid for a hunt of "Giant Canada Geese in Rochester, MN"  that includes one day of hunting for 4 for a winning bid of $1000.00.  Joe then writes a check or pays with a credit card for $1000.00 through the donation page at the LAF’s website at this location.  Once I receive confirmation that your payment has been received you will be ready to for your trip.  The LAF will inturn send the proper tax information to that individual for their donation.

Why do we want to do this benefit?  It's very simple… we want to make a difference; we want to do more than just wear a yellow bracelet.  We want to be able to give the opportunity to someone to have a great time in the outdoors while supporting a great cause.

Delta Waterfowl Preserve the duck hunters future
Please support Delta Waterfowl   Click Here

To secure the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting.

Ducks Unlimited

Please Supprt Ducks Unlimited with their vision  to have sufficient wetlands to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.  Click Here


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Dove Season Continued


Northcentral: Sherman Reservoir, Leonard A. Kozial, Harold W. Anderson, Thomas
Creek, Borman Bridge, and Pine Glen.

Northeast: Oak Valley, Black Island, George Syas, Prairie Wolf, and Wood Duck.

Southeast: Osage, Branched Oak Lake, Twin Lakes, Bramble, Pawnee Lake, Rake’s Creek, Wildwood, and the south portion of Schilling. Nontoxic shot must be used on the entirety of Schilling.

Southwest: Clear Creek, Medicine Creek Reservoir, Swanson Reservoir, and Cedar

Southcentral: Alexandria Lakes, Alexandria Southwest, Little Blue, Dry Sandy, and

Other Wildlife Management Areas throughout the state can provide good dove hunting
opportunities depending on local conditions. Contact the nearest Game and Parks district office
for area-specific information.

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